Since 2008, the GRCA has been a voice for sustainability leadership and education. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Green Resource Center for Alabama (GRCA) is to share wise social, economic, and environmental practices that inspire action. The GRCA is recognized as a key, central resource in Alabama for cultivating an enhanced understanding of a greener, more sustainable world.

The GRCA is fully invested in making strides as a leader in sustainability and environmental progress through our Educate, Collaborate, Impact focus. Our goals span across a broad spectrum and include:

  • Develop and implement community specific education opportunities that serve as valuable resources to help people identify key methods to positively impact their surrounding environment. 
  • Educate and empower professionals throughout the state to become sustainability leaders and advocates within their companies and their communities. 
  • Foster collaboration with organizations throughout Alabama to extend support for sustainability related efforts and programs beyond the GRCA footprint and into communities and the state as a whole.

The Green Resource Center for Alabama is a welcome and needed organization in the landscape of sustainability in the Southeast.
— Mayor William Bell, City of Birmingham, Alabama

What We've Achieved

  • Annual publication of the Green Progress Report for the State of Alabama since 2009.
  • Education workshops for local communities.
  • Promotion of community-wide green-minded programs, businesses, and non-profits at annual Clover Crawl event. 
  • Collaborative partnerships with environmental nonprofits working towards sustainability progress. 
  • Engagement with the public, industry professionals and policymakers about design, construction, and maintenance practices for environmentally sustainable living.